Whether your hard floors are made from wooden floor boards, lino, tiles, stone or granite, Sunshine Pressure Washing is the company to hire. When it comes to finding someone who is able to return your hard floors to their original condition, our experts are the ones who will meet your expectations. With well over a decade of experience in hard floor cleaning, you can trust us to provide you all cleaning solutions.


To achieve the best results a combination of pressurised water and chemicals are required. Like all cleaning procedures, water alone can only do so much when cleaning hard surface. Chemicals eliminate the need to use excessive water or high pressure which can damage some substrates. Biodegradable chemicals should be used wherever possible.


The key to high pressure cleaning is to kill the algae, mould and mildew all the way down to the root. This will allow your surface to stay cleaner for longer. Simply blasting away the top layer with a high pressure cleaner leaves behind living spores which quickly take root and re-infest the area!